Task API by Wise

Simple RESTful APIs to automate your human micro tasks

Content Moderation

Ensure quality content on your site with real-time human moderation.

Data Research

Enrich, cleanse, and dedupe your business data.

Transcription Service

Digitize unreadable text and transcribe inaudible audio/video.

An Amazon MTurk-like service in the form of a Stripe-like API

Powered by hand-picked humans. Augmented by world-class machine learning. 

Get Started within minutes, not days.

Delegate micro tasks to highly trained workers with a simple API call, available 24/7.

Copy the requests into the terminal and see what happens.

curl https://demo.gowise.co/v1/images/describe \
  -u 'test_GD3tvA5sgU3dWID456G': \
  -d image='https://i.imgur.com/mYsghZF.png' \
  -d request='MAIN_CONCEPT' \

Built by Developers For Developers


Leave the complexities to us – we manage all the messy details of hiring, interviewing, training and payment.

Delivery Time

Know exactly when to expect the response - all of our tasks come with response time guarantees.

Guaranteed Quality

Our workers are hand picked and highly trained. Work is cross-validated by our sophisticated algorithms.

All the Benefits in One Simple API

"Switching from MTurk to Wise was the best decision that we ever made. The quality was much better than any other service and we ended up saving time and money - not having to manage our own worker pool or duplicate work in order to cross validate."

- Dan Holowack, CrowdRiff

Transparent Pricing

Fixed price-per-request and no monthly minimums for standard tasks. 

Only pay for what you use. Costs scale down as your business grows.



$0.08 per API call

+ Up to 10,000 requests

+ 95% accuracy guarantee





$0.10 per API call

+ Existing Task Templates

+ Up to 1,000 requests




As low as $0.04 per API call

Contact Us

+ 93% accuracy guarantee

+ Custom Task Templates

+ Unlimited Task Templates

+ Unlimited requests

+ 98% accuracy guarantee

Per API call price reflects image endpoint tasks.

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