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The world's most advanced real-time content moderation service.

Powered by world class Deep Learning algorithms. Augmented by Human Intelligence.

Adult Content

Filter out explicit adult and pornographic content.

Simple RESTful APIs to moderate your content

Graphic Content

Remove graphic content unsuitable for general audiences.

Racy Content

All responses are returned in real-time with 99.9% accuracy. No callbacks, ever.

Protect your brand from racy associations.

Standard moderation criteria include filtering for adult, racy and graphic content.

Built by Developers For Developers

Send an image and get real-time responses within 1 second.

99.9% accuracy, available 24/7.

Copy the requests into the terminal to try it live.

Get started instantly.

curl \
  -u 'test_GD3tvA5sgU3dWID456G': \
  -d image=''

  adult: false,      adult_score: 0.03142,
  racy: false,       racy_score: 0.02734,
  graphic: false,    graphic_score: 0.01853



5min - 1hr

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15min - 24hr


The highest accuracies and fastest responses at a fraction of the cost.

It's a no brainer choosing Wise over the competition.



Deep Learning





"Switching from MTurk to Wise was the best decision that we ever made. The quality was much better than any other service and we ended up saving time and money - not having to deal with slow callbacks and inconsistent crowdsourced worker quality."

- Dan Holowack, CrowdRiff

Cost Efficiency

All the Benefits in One Simple API

Guaranteed Quality

Our state of the art deep learning algorithm ensures 99.9% accuracy. Our model is continuously cross-validated by trained human raters.

Our advanced machine learning technology achieves the same accuracy as human raters, but at 1/10th the cost, and 100x the speed.

Response Time

All requests are returned in real-time within 1 second. Never deal with another callback or delayed response again.

As low as $0.001 per image


Transparent Pricing

+ Unlimited requests

Fixed price-per-request and no monthly minimums for standard moderation. 

Only pay for what you use. Costs scale down as your business grows.

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+ Standard moderation criteria

+ Custom moderation criteria

+ Up to 1,000,000 requests/mo

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